Judy Swann reads Sharon Olds

Hanging In with Sharon Olds

At the beginning of the last century, when poets decided they’d had enough of the Edwardians, the classical canon, and formalism, modernism was born. It was an anti-movement. In the course of the 20th century, greater and greater liberties were taken with the new “free verse” until almost any well-written thing qualified as a poetic genre: manifestos, diary-entries, zaum (“transreason”), tone poems, L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E poetry, and so on. Poetry was energized, engaging, masculine. So when we consider Sharon Olds, Poet Laureate for the State of New York 1998-2000, we are angry when her award-winning, accessible, witty, and plainly crafted poems about family life and erotic pleasure are decried by critics as “programmatically unfeminine sexual bravado.”

………………. to be continued at: http://www.nabanassar.com/soldsjsw.pdf

3 pensieri su “Judy Swann reads Sharon Olds

  1. Hi Judy, welcome here, this is the space for comments (click on the white script “commenti” right the title and the date). Hope people can give a feedback, even if your article is too much the level for usual blog readers!! Ciao! 😀

  2. oh, I really think this is not a good venue for the olds article! A blog space just doesn’t seem like a good home for something this shape. I posted something about Dylan and Danye earlier, but it seems not to have stuck… Hmmm…

  3. Yep you’re right, but it’s important not to lower the bar: we usually relate to a small bunch of strong readers, they appreciate quality stuff. Also, I’m confident about the “long-tail” of search engines and Sharon Olds’ admirers.

    Hmmm… Maybe politics, football, sex advertising, geekish gadget, heavy patronising and flame wars could help? A malicious grin is spreading across my face: don’t wake up the bear named nabanassar!!! LOL!!!!


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